Dear up and coming Guyanese artist, don’t be fooled, OWN YOUR MUSIC!

1. ✅PURCHASE beats from your producers, please give thought into the beats you are purchasing because it’s very costly.I would recommend purchasing in bulk, or if it’s a project split Music Royalties 50/50 with the producer.

2. ✅PRODUCE Make sure your music is well mixed and mastered even if you have to youtube how to mix and master well, make sure its quality is friendly for playback on all devices in all types of settings, cars, radios, phone, earphones.

3. ✅PUBLISH AND DISTRIBUTE your music via an online music distribution service, I would recommend Distrokid if you are now starting and want to save money, I on the other hand use Tunecore because of my lack of knowledge, thisnis a traditional platform that offers way more services to artists however the cost of discography release and maintenance is high.These distribution services will deliver copies of your music on all platforms (apple music, spotify, amazon music, itunes, youtube music, about 100 platforms).Make sure to also register for BMI or ASCAP which is a form of digital licensing for your music to be publicly performed, it collects licensing fees for playback of your music. (I am currently at this stage) this should collect even more royalties for playback of your music virtually anywhere.I suggest you should get a person that’s knowledgeable in this field to guide you into registering to these performing rights organizations.

4. ✅PROMOTE your music elsewhere, although promoting locally is very beneficial, whenever you do online promotion it should be targetted to developed countries, and countries where you are sure to get your rightful amount of money for music as opposed to Guyana where we cant get money off of radio plays. Offline promotions can be done locally, I would say.(Personally I barely even touched promotion externally because I have my personal strategy to market locally first, but that’s just my thing, everyone got their strat)Take some time to plan out your steps, pray, and good luck in your music career.

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