“Black Man Can” – EleMent

Watch Black Man Can here
Writing in my paper see my black man hands
Delicate oil with a bit of sun tan
Anything is possible I just gotta plan
I just gotta hold a focus, knowing where i am
Race and equality, I could give a damn
I'm just gonna work, till they know who I am
Till they see the dirt on the palms of my hands transform into gold, they can never understand 

Can I make it in life?
Yeah a black man can!
Can I fight for my rights
Yeah a black man can!
Can I influence a nation
Yeah a black man can!
Hold down my occupation
Yeah a black man can!

Can I live without fear?
Yeah a black man can!
Knowing death is near
Yeah a black man can!
Can I be a good president
Yeah a black man can!
Doing more than living off a rent

But would I make it in school
Yeah a black man can!
What if I dropped out of school
Yeah a black man can!
And I apply for a tuition,
Yeah a black man can!
Without looking like a fool

Am I worthy to accept
Yeah a black man can!
Not taking any debts
Yeah a black man can!
Live a life free of drugs
Yeah a black man can!
This man says yes

Dark like the dirt cause I born to rule the land 
Rule mother earth, father to massacoora man
Pool money Victoria, fell into my hands
Hands to sky, stretching like a massa whip brands
Has the swar I
Pass your car
I accelerate straight
Crash and thought why
Black for most die
Plus the most high
Die for you side
Lie down his whole life 
Just for Josiah
Never cudda gave my life for a fan
Hypocrite boy call me peter pan
Wars for a brother like Pakistan 
When I was younger I thought black is bland

Blacks more worthy than the ring up on your hands
The whole wide world  is a black mans land
Know why our riches, numerous like the sand
Cause a black man will, and a black man can
Tryna evade the grips of the klu klux Klan 
Phantom squad and a rich white man
Seed of Ethiopia, you see me open up and as my wisdom expand like a birds wings can
Cant fly high cause I'm lesser Faster than
American Eagle?- but I'm the golden arrow head!
A Miracle Being to be 
To me I'm feeling like
I'm in living in a 
Mirror and mi go be really
Dealing to enemy I'm-