City Mall nice bad; here’s why.

Today I visited city mall at Regent and Camp street…

By EleMent,

At any given time, when I take a stroll in town, the city mall, located on Regent and camp is street is one of my go to places.

So many persons prefer to go to Giftland Mall or MovieTowne, but the city mall is where my preference is. It holds a special place in ya bai heart. Some of my best verses came from sitting lonely Saturday afternoons at the top floor of city mall writing compositions off my mind into my notes. Even on Saturdays like today you could see me there listening to an instrumental and meditating on the beat.

The decorations in City Mall that I saw today reminded me of writing the song “Love feelz” last year during Christmas, 2019 was a pivoting time for me and City Mall itself brings back memories of attending the Guyana Technical Institute, a place where my prospective on life changed drastically.

It’s one of the places that will remind me of home if I migrate, then return to Guyana after a long time, What’s yours tho?

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