“BMC Venom” – EleMent

Watch BMC Venom here

BMC (Black Man Cry)

Am i Gonna Be a One shot Wonder?

Leaving all the dreams to crumble and plunder asunder

Colossal weight i am under

Buckle under weight and fall with a roar like thunder waited 

For the day i can say a black man isnt under rated

Specially if he grew in the slums

Where the meal, is schedule, as often as it comes

At the rising of the sun Im afraid of the fact 

i got a rat race to run

By the time i am done it is 1 in the morning

and i got 7 hours of recuperation 

But i know my future is better

Prepare fuh sweet let inject the nectar 

I got schemes I got teams

Most of all i got dreams 

Dreams to bring freedom to the land of the free

Dreams to save daughters of the Land of many waters

Dreams to put this country on the world map see 

But nevermind the oil got all that

Im an artist im an artiste im an architect

meen gah do that

All i gah do is rap

And hope people keep listening to my tracks 

That guide my train of thought

These few pages i bought

Is an investment To make something from nought 

Lemme spit fore i stop

Put the hip to the hop

Got the clip never flop

By the lips of the cop

You a brick im a rock

Seconds tick minutes tock

As i creep to the top


A symptom and it shows

And it comes amd it goes

And its numbing my toes

Issa hum in my nose

Its the drum and the blows

Of the trumpet that froze

On the beat as i speak

Through my teeth 

Now he lyrical issa miracle 

Line is busy cause he got a call

From the general

Report on whatevers on his brain Cause he mental 

And we sing ay, ay ,ay ay Yuh 


Offset x Bryson Tiller type beat 

Spitting like is no etiquette

Introducing the EleMent Caution visible yet i bet

Theres no rival that touch my level yet 

Apple fell a mile from the tree

There aint no other brother like me

If u pushin my minds and ocean

and we dont know whats beneath the sea 

I got millions running through my mind

Between my mind theres a fine line

Either live the moment or die in time

I caught grip of verum aeternum I 

Did the crime and without a defense

I did my time i served my sentence

On to new things, a sense of supsense Lingers just to poison my conscience 

[indistinguishable] – Power and greed I cant manage 

Shooting shade in random directions 

My heart so cold-that my blood is -stationery

my veins so -sharp and jagged -it so scary

come in con-tact my inten-tion is gnarly 

I came to-wreak havoc here-not to party

For the rec-ord most rivals-dont live to see

A faint light-of life through their-blunt agony

Call the po-lice cause my Vo-cabulary 

Match the fusion of tsar bomba

Ima evil futuristic caribbean jamma

Badman landmine bright like summer

gonna train till my name brings honor to my mama 

Ima rock my fuse Kick back like pews

Cruising on the low While the trap beat soothes 

Let the paper stack, while Chasing up the racks

Got the baby in the back Tryna get a contract 

How many songs do it take son

To get a truck load of cash with crips one

I just wanna put my momma in a mansion

Daddy dont give a damn bout a promise my honest suggestion 

We take it a step by step for the rest of our lives lend a hand give a help,

so our children and wives have respect for the vet

Who we are is essential to them

So i take out my pen and i write

And i write

When world comes crashin i write

When the friends turn against me i write

When the rent money short, or no food for the morn,

and loan that i took got me fighting alone I take my time 

And i write from the mind Coming right from the mind Out of sight out of mind