“Delroy from GT” – EleMent

Seems like life was at it's best
Delroy was full of zest
First day of High School
His mother waived and wished him the best
He said of course ma I'll never let you down
Little did he know his life would soon turn around
Through the gates of Bishops High
He walked in proudly
With greeting smiles of positivity and kids talked loudly
Aw man, can't wait
To meet some new friends 
New links, new trends, new ends to meet
His class begun

Pulled up to the classroom
Kids already there
Found a seat to wait for teacher
And passing by his chair

Was Rick 
A tall dude with a demeanor and a stare 
of a menacing debaucherous and ominous appearance

Little did he know that this dude was more than just a friend
Soon he would find out that his enemy were sheep skin

Over two years inside the school 
Hes like the man now
Topping class
He popping
Like nobody's gonna stop him
One afternoon he was about to leave for home yo
Rick came his way and say you really on a roll bro
Come hang with us right at the 44 bus park
We gon be ready to go home before it gets dark

And so begun the spiral
He spent his time idle
A day had turned to two, 
And then to more than just a few successions

One day he skipped lessons
His mother got the message
Del is out and balling with some dudes out at the mall

His mother called him on the phone he didnt pick it up
The boy had one too many bottles and he drink it up
And who could blame him, he was fatherless and had enough of being good and being humble, being soft and be the one to be responsible for all the weight he had to carry

Only one that mattered in his life was just Rick
And maybe Rick's side chick
And all the East Side Clique
And guarding Rick's side chick and Rick while they was in the class sexing

Had enough of feeling small
I cant be virgin now, I feel the need to go and ball
I got the urge to get me one that thick and not too small
Rick was first, I got to bust my gun to show I'm worth it all

Days are going fast He felt the grass was getting greener
Day and Night and Night to Day he dreaming bout Selena 
What she doing?, where she at?
Where she going?, who she at?
I'd do she like a maniac
She keeping all my seed in that
Even at her classroom door, He pleading for a piece of that 
Please, a kiss and something more, I'll go down on my knees for that
She ain paid him mind at first but she like all the tease and that,
And that's the reason why she gave lil man the only keys to that

And so he got her
Visit on the weekends, just to meet with someone's daughter
Seen a lot of pictures that would cause his mouth to water
Till he pulled up with a condom and a bag of marijuana

At the Birthday party aftermath at 6 o'clock at her place
Time to be the man, He's looking calm upon the surface
In his heart he's anxious, and it's written all on her face
He holds her by the hand so now it's time to do the dirty,
Early morning, next day, it's a monday, time for school now
He finally got to hit,
Hey let's see who can talk to who now
He told his tale to rick, he's now respected by the crew now
Two weeks passed he's got a call he's not sure what to do now
He's feeling like a fool now
Selena say she late, uh
She not feeling too great, uh
She's going for a check up only that could seal his fate, uh
It shook his mental state, uh
The afternoon he's sweating when he felt his phone vibrate, uh
Selena's on the line she say
I need to talk real badly
My father wouldn't even speak
My mother wont look at me
I dont know how to say this and I dont know If you're ready,
I'm pregnant for 2 weeks now and I think that you're the daddy.