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(Monotone, 2019)

Racing through my history
To cover up my misdemeanor,
listen me and this story
might show you how my grass is greener
Than it was year ago,
I’m flying like a hero
just to save my rap career
from falling buckled on the floor and
Shackled by the words of haters
Who be creeping alligators
Got their eyes above the waters
With a grin below the ripples
Jungle book and there’s no other author
Got no other “Kipling”
Clip is full of syllables and symphonies and elements

Gripping to your life support while I be up and elevating
Tipping to the top I never flop because im innovating
Always on my mark set ready steady go
In a shuttle zooming past death, got the holy ghost
Speaking to me on the daily
God is good, cause when I barely
Talk to him upon the sunrise
Know his son tries
Trying hard for that one prize
As I dry eyes
See me influence amass like Joseph stalin

Writing down an oath like the treaty of chaguaramas
See you people cannot stop me like the storm over Bahamas
See you reaping what you sow, while I’m tryna reap me some commas
And my flow is dirty like the waters in the Demerara

Impertinent I’m hurting yo brand like im merching wongie,
All the pioneers of rap in guyana be looking on me
This ones for antonne who died alone and lonely
I’ll pick up where you left, and show all of em, what you showed me

Sizing up with giants in the battle zone
With God Alone,
Im in the camp and wrecking all the catacombs
And then I zone
I’m hitting up medusa on the telephone
Who need a stone,
you singing la la land,
like you emma stone, monotone
Im a grammar man,
Who done gave me this?God alone!
On my grandma man,
Imma hit you home base
Run your base,
Words to put you in place
See my face, this face that people wish they never seen in first place

But I’m in first space of my race
You got yo own course,
Gotta run and beat yo case, uh huh


(Exhaustion, 2018)

So i rise erryday
Go to work and hooray
Then i hit up the bae
Listen what she gon say
Then i say is okay
Forever i am hay
Then i hang up and pray
That dis girl not ah play

But bro hol on wait
Compared to the way
That i slave for the pay
It is nothing like hey
Everyday man run for the money uh
Get the bread and get the honey uh
Hold on but the night
Brotha gotta go fight
For his grades in the tight
Jail cell full of lights
Cause my future is bright
Gotta escape da plight
And yes i am quite
Done with being sir knight
Brotha sight
Got me on guage yuh
Take a step back ur in my range uh
Take a step back cause im packed with rage uh
And im bout to unleash it on this stage yeh

But before i take that action
Gotta give you real satisfaction
Needs more epidemic contraction
Like senseless interaction
Maybe some of them gucci gang hits nah bro

Lil mumble fuh the gang get lit and show
That my skill gets better than the hit and go
That make me feel like i am a hit ya know.

Doubt denied
is the one who tried
And he flied
Through the skies
Took a rest in the highs
Through the hate and lies
Denies suicide
In life he applies
What he sees with his eyes
Hes alive
Hes a light
Disguised white knight

In his stress
In the press
His emotions regress
Through the years
fought tears
But conquered his fear
Didnt had a request
When his dad took a left
Because of his gift
Success took a lift
He was adrift
His mental was shift

And now he can breathe
His mind is at ease
For now you can see
Through the eyes of me
Through the eyes of me
Through the eyes of