“I Killed Love in 2018” – EleMent

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"Love Feelz"

I wish I knew what love feels like
 Instead I stay up in my bed, on the feels nights
 Dreaming possibilities, tears in these eyes
 Feeling insecurities holding me hostage
 See myself falling noone holding me tight
 How u make me fall for you, it dont seem right
 Feeling I'm unwanted, noone ever say they love me
 Only from my mama and the God who is above me
 My dad ain wanna know me how he put the world above
 Say you give the world, first clenched at my mommy
 Dad why u wanna, fight with my mommy
 Daddy why u wanna fight with my mommy?
 None of yall ain care about my feelings and you fight
 Dont worry imma find a girl and treat her real right
 If only she would see my inner beauty, she'd love but I'm ugly
 I wish I knew what love feels like
 I wish I knew what love feels like
 I wish I knew what love feels like
 I wish I knew what love feels like
 I wish I knew what love feels like
 I wish I knew, the feeling that, you get, when you kiss someone, that really wanna keep you till death.
 Man I hate it that I'm ugly ain nobody wan my heart
 Though I'd fight from the present till my very last breath
 Though I might have an issue with obsession, anxiety, OCD, listening depressing songs yet
 Hold the mic, speaking to you every chance I get
 My whole life, I ain never need someone so bad
 Got dang
 Ur boyfriend never love you like that
 While you listening to me, he creeping around behind you back
 I'm in front your stage telling the whole world like that
 How u gone be creeping living with a girl like that
 Now you wonder why she, traumatized, in her eyes, I could see the under weight of all the lies I arrive like,
 How you let that man criticize, I'll tell you what you'd like,
 Got me thinking
 I Wish You knew what love feels like
 I Wish You knew what love feels like
 I Wish You knew what love feels like
 I Wish You knew what love feels like


"Love Letter"

Do you remember the day when i say that i love you
 If i controlled the stars i would put none above you, true
 Your soft, sweet tone keeps ringing in my ears
 You seemed so innocent, lost in your haunting 
 I dedicated my whole life to satisfying you
 But you seem so caught up  in what that other nigga do
 I needed one chance just to prove my love to you
 But you supress my hearts ability to bear it through
 Ever since that day you put a bullet through my heart
 I was afraid to love again, who knows what people are?
 I started shutting people off, i dont who to trust
 I rather put on a facade,Look what you did to us
 Love, it is dying
 Body's exhausted
 Why am i trying
 Feels like im lost
 In maze of the same thing
 Life is a game, bring
 Tragic devotions
 With magic emotions
 Uh uh
 Uh uh
 Uh uh 
 Uh uh
 Yeah uh 
 Yeah uh
 Yeah uh
 Yeah uh
 Guess ill have to go on everyday and feel the burn
 But i hope that karma doesnt just ignore your turn
 Dont even come to look for me when all your lessons learn
 Cause ill be long gone from your life getting the shit i earn
 I must admit if there is one thing that you taught me
 Is that i shouldnt let my heart where my brain should be
 I hope somewhere in the future or different lifetime
 We wake up in the same bed witnessing the sunshine
 Or maybe celebrating our marriage with redwine
 Or prolly in a forest camping in the night time
 But i know deep within my heart without me youre fine
 So imma leave you with a message in my last line



I'm lonely, 
lonely  But I will never break  
People are phony  And most are fake  With a mountain of a facade  
And a valley of bad intentions  
The stream flowing through is rather broad  
And their conscience never makes interventions  
They're cold psychopaths  
Whom dwell in the human world  
Withholding psychotic wraths and paths 
So intricate they whirl  
And I've experienced their reign  
That's why I prefer being lonely  
The painfully cold rain leaves a stain  
That solely leaves the soul coldly  
Folded, rather scrounged like paper  
And I know this like the anthem  
But your carefully placed Lazer- 
Eyes aimed at my heart and then- 
Shot into it, 
plunging head first  
It's happened before and has continued  
Maybe I'm unfit or cursed  
And I expected that from many 
but not in my worst anticipation 
would the sight of you burst into my view  
I've been lonely, 
but I'll stay lonely because of you 
By: Adriel Ndapunique Thompson