Josiah ‘EleMent’ Mentore, Founder if PSA, Musician, Song Writer, Producer, Vocalist, Editor, Designer



Welcome to Producer Standard Approval (PSA) group.

All music approved by 75% or more of the Reputable Producers in this group will be added to a Real Time list/sheet of songs acessable to:

Radio Stations
The general public

This sheet can ONLY be edited by, yours truly (EleMent)
In the event a New Admin is added on Board, access will be given to him/her to add to the list of PSA’d songs.

Why should Artiste submit their music here?

Paying money to produce music can be too costy (though paying to produce results in excellent quality) especially if they wish to make music often. This groups puts you at a better chance of getting airtime at no cost.

Why should Radio Stations / DJ’s / Journalists use PSA as a source of good local music?

It eases the weight of constant bombardment of mails and messages by aspiring locals, who have not produced their music to a good standard.
It also brings the source of all good local music that is unknown to the public to one accessable place.

•NO unauthorized editing of Producer Standard Approved songs are allowed by admin or any other individual! Only upon approval by 75% or more producers can songs be added to the Real Time File.

•All Producers/Artiste are okay to join, once they are recognized by Radios/Djs/Selectors and recognized artistes.